K-Born talks I Am My Community, Teddy Riley, & The Classical Two

K-Born is a pioneer of 80s Hip Hop from the group The Classical Two. In 1987, K and his partner L.A. Bru released the song “New Generation”, produced by Teddy Riley. In recent years, K-Born has shifted his focus on helping community members in need through his organization, I Am My Community Inc. In this video interview with DJ Eclipse, K-Born reminisces on creating the song “New Generation” as a deviation from so many Hip Hop groups performing similar routines with the same call-and-response of “Everybody say ho!” and “What’s your zodiac sign?”. The song is still played on certain airwaves and K still gets booked for performances. K shares details on Roof Top Records, working with Teddy Riley, and how he was the first artist to work with Teddy on rap music. Formerly involved in the organization Bronx Rise Above Gun Violence, K-Born had learned so many skills on helping those in need that he started his own organization to offer a wide variety of services. I Am My Community Inc is an organization where homeless or recently incarcerated persons can go to seek shelter. They can find welfare program information, job opportunities, clothes, and suits for job interviews. In addition, I Am My Community Inc offers advice on winning court cases, custody battles, and even provides parenthood workshops and classes for those looking to improve their parenting skills. Contact I Am My Community Inc by joining the Facebook Group.

One thought on “K-Born talks I Am My Community, Teddy Riley, & The Classical Two

  1. K-Born is a testimony in and of itself.
    He’s a legend thrice. In rap, In the
    Streets and now in the community.
    He’s is a prime example that ones past
    Is not indicative of ones future. I watched

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