DJ Rob Swift & DJ Eclipse discuss the new generation of DJs using Serato

Two long-time DJs who have mastered the art of turntablism decades before software came into the picture had an important discussion on the skill level of the new generation of DJs. Both agree that the skill level of turntablism has not surpassed the peak of the 90s when many DJ crews competed and battled to be the best and most technically-skilled at the art form. Rob Swift teaches courses on DJing and believes that technology has allowed the younger generation to take shortcuts. DJs from the 80s and 90s had to be delicate with vinyl records to prevent the needle from skipping as well as command the turntables. These are basic instincts that one can only learn from practicing with vinyl and not relying on a laptop to come to the rescue. Rob explains “Sometimes the beauty in the art form is the mistakes” and “The people I teach, I want them to be better than me, so that I can learn from them.” Check out for updates on Rob’s upcoming album, X-Files: Lost & Deleted.

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