Black Sheep Dres talks new evitaN album & A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing 25-Year Anniversary

Black Sheep Dres stopped by Rap Is Outta Control to announce his upcoming evitaN album with Jarobi from A Tribe Called Quest. In 2012, the two released Speed Of Life and, after receiving much positive feedback, are back at it again to record the follow up album. Both emcees were members of the Native Tongues crew and “eVitaN” is simply “native” spelled backwards. Dres talks about recording new music with highly-acclaimed saxophonist Jaleel Shaw after connecting organically on social media. Also in this interview, Dres is preparing for the 25-year anniversary of the Black Sheep album A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing. He filmed a live version of the group’s hit single “The Choice Is Yours”, replaying the samples with a live band. In anticipation for the new evitaN album, purchase Speed Of Life here. Also, check out evitaN’s music video for the single “Higher” here:

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