Masta Killa (Wu-Tang Clan) & Ruste Juxx | Freestyle

Masta Killa from Hip Hop’s most legendary crews Wu-Tang Clan joined the RIOC family along with Crown Heights veteran Ruste Juxx. Masta Killa’s new album Loyalty Is Royalty is out now on Nature Sounds. Ruste Juxx also released a new album titled International Juxx with a slew of his best international collaborations. Check out this freestyle video as Ruste Juxx and Masta Killa get busy on the mic.

5 thoughts on “Masta Killa (Wu-Tang Clan) & Ruste Juxx | Freestyle

    1. I heard some cool raps on 1-25-18 around 10:30pm cst. I checked out the playlist for that date but can’t seem to find the songs to stream or download. Will some of that show be posted on facebook or youtube? The jams were too cool.

      1. Unfortunately the only way to hear the shows are live. Keep checking though and maybe more of the songs we play you’ll be able to find elsewhere.

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