Tonedeff describes his Polymer album as having no genre | Interview

DJ JS-1 took over Rap Is Outta Control and played a dope mix of new Hip Hop songs. He was joined by special guest Tonedeff who spoke on his latest album, Polymer. Tone approaches Hip Hop music as a singer/songwriter would approach songs, by being genuine to himself. He raps about “what everyone goes through, but no one wants to talk about” because rappers portray lavish lifestyles that are beyond the means of their livelihood. Some of the topics Tone covers on Polymer are dealing with child abuse, sex addiction, and divorce. One of the more notable songs on the project is “Five Sisters”. The song is about each of Tonedeff’s five sisters and how they individually represent a unique element of their mother. With Polymer being a combination of four previous EPs combined into a full-length with remixes and new songs, the entire project was written, produced, mixed, and engineered by Tonedeff himself. Purchase Polymer and stream it below.

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