The Mighty Shirt Kings on being pioneers of Hip Hop fashion | Interview

To end another successful year of Rap Is Outta Control, it was only right that our final guests of 2016 were the pioneers of Hip Hop fashion, the mighty Shirt Kings. DJ Eclipse speaks with Nike and Tybo about the history of the infamous brand that launched in 1986 at the New York Coliseum. Nas is quoted saying “(Shirt Kings) would change your whole look into a super star”, but the first influential figures to help Shirt Kings get noticed for their graffiti-cartoon style clothing were Biz Markie and LL Cool, shortly followed by Salt-N-Pepa, Kool G Rap, and others. Check out this interview as the Shirt Kings run through their full history of the brand and its influence on iconic brands like FUBU, Coogie, Roc-A-Wear, and Ecko. Also, visit

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