Paradise Grey: “Big Daddy Kane was the greatest Hip Hop performer”

When The Awesome 2 had their radio show on 105.9 WHBI in the late 1980s, Paradise Grey was the man behind the request line. He remembers Big Daddy Kane calling up the show every night at 15 years old to request his favorite songs. Teddy Ted and Special K (The Awesome 2) used to spin at the infamous Latin Quarter as well. On Tuesday nights, the club would have a Celebrity Tuesday night for special performances. Paradise was asked to be a celebrity judge and he brought Big Daddy Kane along with him. In this video interview with DJ Eclipse, Paradise elaborates on Kane as a performer with the total package. “Kane had the dance moves, the fashion, the lyrics, and the beats.” There’s often a debate regarding Rakim or Big Daddy Kane being the best performer. However, Paradise claims that in the 1980s, Kane was hands-down the best performer without argument. Once you included featured appearances from Roxanne Shante and Biz Markie, New York City created some of the most legendary moments in Hip Hop history. Many of Paradise’s stories are documented in his latest book about Latin Quarter, entitled No Half Steppin’.

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