N.B.S. & Treach | Interview

Boston hip hop group N.B.S. was interviewed on RIOC about their latest album, Trapped In America, produced by Snowgoons. Other special guests 050 Boyz and Treach (Naughty By Nature) were in attendance as well. In this video, N.B.S. remembers when they first put in ground work as artists and were not supported by their home city. The two cousins discuss being independent artists and achieving accomplishments on their own. E’Flash mentions “we’re never going to stop living our dream, regardless of what anybody says, and that’s why we took the independent route”. They also mention Treach as a huge musical influence on them, as one of the first popular artists to shout out Boston on a mainstream level. Treach adds that the hip hop is about unity and bringing people together. He says “if you invest in yourself, other people around you will want to invest in you”. Purchase the N.B.S. and Snowgoons album Trapped In America here.

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