Mr. Green & A-F-R-O talk EP with Marco Polo, A-F-R-O Polo | Interview

DJ and producer Mr. Green joined us at Rap Is Outta Control with up-and-coming emcee A-F-R-O from California. Green and A-F-R-O have been touring together and Green has been continuing his Live From The Streets series. He recently filmed six episodes of Live From The Streets, presented by Mountain Dew’s Courtside Collection. The most recent episode (video below) includes Green in Atlanta, sampling sounds from basketball courts and barbecues, only to turn it into an instrumental for artist Nick Grant to rap over. A-F-R-O is preparing to release his first official project, an EP with producer Marco Polo called A-F-R-O Polo. Check out the first single below, entitled “Long Time Coming”.

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