Easy Mo Bee says “Stop being scared and come from the heart” when making music

Legendary producer Easy Mo Bee and long-time Brooklyn emcee Emskee were on the RIOC recently with DJ Eclipse. The three had a passionate discussion about authentic Hip Hop and making music from the heart. Easy Mo Bee explained that he’s being free with his craft and making the sound that he wants to make. He feels that many people make a certain sound that they think will sell and are afraid to fail if they make the type of music that they genuinely love. “Stop being afraid and come from the heart” is what he says, along with “that’s that it takes to keep this culture alive.” Emskee recalls hearing the BET Awards playing five nominated songs from a specific category that all sounded identical. There are countless variations and different sounds in the genre of Hip Hop and mainstream outlets no longer play a balance of different types of artists. For a refreshing sound of music made from the heart, check out Easy Mo Bee and Emskee’s album Two For One here.

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