Easy Mo Bee & Emskee “Two For One” Interview

Native New Yorkers Emskee and Easy Mo Bee have recently released their collaboration album, Two For One, initially as a vinyl release. Emskee, long-time emcee and DJ, and Easy Mo Bee, former emcee and legendary producer in the music industry, bring you a neo-classic sounding album with the raw, 90s vibe of song structure and hard-hitting drums with clever concepts. “There are a lot of things in Hip Hop that need to be talked about…” explains Emskee as he describes some of the modern social issues that are covered throughout the project. Mo Bee takes a second to show his appreciation for the type of Hip Hop that DJ Eclipse spins on RIOC each week and mentions that his old group, Rappin’ Is Fundamental, will be releasing a Lost Tapes album with unreleased material. Emskee speaks on his monthly party, Recordnition, every 3rd Friday of each month with Easy Mo Bee at Kinfolk in Brooklyn. He ends this interview appropriately with an a cappella rhyme about respecting the DJ during a party. Purchase Two For One here.

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