D.V. Alias Khryst on recording “Lights Out” with Redman

Brooklyn emcee and singer/songwriter D.V. Alias Khryst shares a story with DJ Eclipse on the lengths he went through to get Redman on a track. Back in the 90s at Def Jam, D.V. would see Redman all the time and discuss working together. Instead of recording, Redman would ask for some of D.V.’s McDonald’s fries and be chased around the office while eating them. Later on, the two met again and Redman mentioned that they were supposed to record a while ago. He asked for some of D.V.’s pizza and they actually went into the studio this time. Years later, D.V. finally released the song in 2017, titled “Lights Out”. Produced by J57 and G. Koop, purchase “Lights Out” and stream it here:

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