Cortez elaborates on career opportunities and success from rap battles

Brooklyn emcee Cortez was a recent guest on @RapIsOuttaCntrl alongside D.Chamberz, Mighty Fuzz Young, and Sean Strange. In this video, D-Stroy interviews Cortez about his success as a battle rapper, the high booking prices that he’s offered, and his appearance in Eminem’s TV show Road To Slaughter. Cortez explains how he translates millions of YouTube views into business opportunities and how battles are booked similar to boxing matches. He explains that “Hip hop lost its form of bars” and due to the decline of mixtapes in the streets, battle rap has grown and inherited the weight of writing strong lyrics and punchlines for friendly competition. As a lesser known fact, Cortez has had record label offers and publishing deals for writing lyrics years before his battle rap career gave him international exposure. Cortez is preparing to release another album in 2015 with some major features.

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