Bishop Lamont “The Reformation” Interview

Bishop Lamont is a west coast juggernaut emcee that was once on Dr. Dre’s label Aftermath. After 11 years of creating his perfect album in a situation that allows for complete creative freedom, Lamont is finally ready to release The Reformation in the beginning of 2016. In this RIOC interview with DJ Eclipse, Lamont mentions that he’s the first artist on Xzibit’s label Open Bar Entertainment. He expresses his excited with working alongside west coast Hip Hop legends that he once dreamed of meeting. The D.O.C. has assisted with vocal coaching on The Reformation and Lamont has been recording in Dr. Dre’s studio, Record One. Lamont shares some advice that being successful takes “…patience, preparation, persistence, and staying true to what you do”. Stay updated on the release date of The Reformation here.

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