5 ELA “5 ELA (Let’s Go)” song premiere by DJ Eclipse

One of Detroit’s most influential Hip Hop groups, 5 ELA (formerly 5 Elementz), has returned with a new single. The track is called “5 ELA (Let’s Go)” and will appear on the upcoming album Global Warming 2022 later in 2016. 5 ELA has an overwhelming amount of history and influence in the city of Detroit. The original group consisted of Mudd, Thyme, and the late Proof of D12 and Eminem fame. 5 ELA was responsible for organizing open mics, battles, and events at the original Hip Hop Shop on 7 Mile. They welcomed all newcomers willing to participate and show their skills. 5 ELA was also the first group to release a project (Yester Years) fully produced by J. Dilla. Check out the5elementz.com for more information.

6 thoughts on “5 ELA “5 ELA (Let’s Go)” song premiere by DJ Eclipse

  1. We want to hear more 5 Ela. Loved the sound so went to check out the full song. The emcees are just as hype as the beat. This ish is the dopest sound I’ve heard in a while! #NewSound? #GameChanged

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