Epic Beard Men (Sage Francis & B. Dolan) | Freestyle

Rhode Island’s Sage Francis & B. Dolan aka Epic Beard Men were at RIOC last week promoting their new album “This Was Supposed To Be Fun”. The album was released on Francis’ own Strange Famous Records. Press play to catch their freestyle session from the show.

Nems | Freestyle

Gorilla Nems freestyle from last week’s RIOC show over a Camoflauge Monk beat. Monk was also a guest on the show and brought along Deuce Ellis. Make sure to check out Nems’ new album “Gorilla Monsoon”.

Superstar (Horror City), Tha Soloist & Carta’ P | Freestyle

Superstar from Horror City made another appearance on RIOC to promote his new album “Supa Vill’n” entirely produced by Parental. Additionally we had Carta’ P formerly known as The Obvious Wonder from Adagio up to talk about his new album “A Beautiful Mess” also produced by Parental. And rounding out…

Blahzay | Interview PT.2

Here’s part 2 of our interview with Blahzay. From his hit “Danger” (as part of Blahzay Blahzay) to his new album “ENYthyng Iz Possible” to his work with Legion Of Good Will and everything in between.

Blahzay & Ikillez | Freestyle

MC Outloud aka Blahzay (of Blahzay Blahzay) has a new album out called “ENYthyng Iz Possible”. He came through Rap Is Outta Control with his new artist Ikillez to talk about the album and drop some rhymes.

Chuck N Lock & Diabolic | Freestyle

Straight outta Delaware we had the duo Chuck N Lock up on RIOC to talk about their newest EP “Pieces Of Eight” as well as some of their other recent releases.  And Diabolic and Matt Diamond came through to talk about the Coalmine Records release “Collusion” from Diabolic & Vanderslice. …

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