King Author, Oak Lonetree, DJ Eclipse Freestyle

King Author & Oak Lonetree | Freestyle

Recently, DJ Eclipse invited Massachusetts emcees Oak Lonetree and King Author to Rap Is Outta Control to discuss their recent Hip Hop albums that were played throughout the show. Oak Lonetree just released his solo album Bully Mammoth to follow up his group The Dunnas’ album Reinventing The Real. Oak…

MC WhiteOwl, Rhinoceros Funk, Therman Munsin Freestyle

MC WhiteOwl, Rhinoceros Funk, & Therman Munsin | Freestyle

At the Sirius XM studios, DJ Eclipse hosted special guests MC WhiteOwl, DJ Fred Ones, Rhinoceros Funk, and Therman Munsin. MC WhiteOwl is releasing his Born Yesterday album before the year is up and will follow up with the album Fill In The Blanks in 2018, produced by FatCatHayze156. Rhinoceros…

Marco Polo Baker's Dozen Interview
Saga & DJ Eclipse Freestyle

Saga & DJ Eclipse | Freestyle

Brooklyn emcee Saga stopped by Rap Is Outta Control with DJ Eclipse to talk about his latest album Molotov, along with Marco Polo promoting his project Baker’s Dozen. Check out the freestyle that Saga dropped at the end of the show, with DJ Eclipse providing the music and cuts.

Whispers, Denzil Porter, Chris Rivers, Chip Fu, DJ Eclipse Freestyle

Whispers, Denzil Porter, Chris Rivers, & Chip-Fu | Freestyle

Rap Is Outta Control has witnessed one of the best freestyle sessions since the show began over seven years ago. Bronx natives Chris Rivers, Whispers, and Denzil Porter have quickly become some of the most sought out and strongest lyricists, achieving Internet popularity with platforms such as Team Backpack Cyphers…

Motif Alumni DITC Interview Rap Is Outta Control
Blacastan Uncanny Adventures Watson Holmes Interview
Molecules & Showbiz - A Bronx Tale EP

Molecules talks A Bronx Tale EP with Showbiz | Interview

Bronx crew The Legion has joined DJ Eclipse once again on Rap Is Outta Control, this time with more exciting news. Molecules has recorded an EP with infamous D.I.T.C. producer Showbiz. The project has only two guest appearances; Dres (Black Sheep) and Money Ray (The Legion), with a handful of…

Molecules DiceMan (The Legion) Freestyle

Molecules & DiceMan (The Legion) | Freestyle

The Legion crew is back at it again with a crazy freestyle on Sirius XM while DJ Eclipse provides the music and cuts. This time, Molecules is here to promote his album with legendary D.I.T.C. producer Showbiz called A Bronx Tale. Check out the freestyle video with DiceMan and Molecules…

Local-Mu12 Interview

Fokis introduces “Everyday People” album by Local-Mu12 collective | Interview

Members of the collective Local-Mu12 stopped by Sirius XM to promote their debut album Everyday People. Spearheaded by producer/emcee/engineer Fokis, Local-Mu12 stands for Local Musicians United 2012 and is a membership-based organization of emcees, producers, and like-minded individuals that take advantage having power in numbers. Fokis introduced Detroit emcee Stryfe…

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