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Masta Ace talks high school years for The Falling Season album | Interview   no comments

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Masta Ace looks back on how the decisions he made as a teenager have affected the rest of his life and where he is today. On The Falling Season album, Ace teamed up with California producer KIC Beats to create the music and help tell the stories from Sheepshead Bay High School. Ace remembers the values that his mother instilled in him so he could make the right decisions when his friends approached him with peer pressure. He chose a different path from many of his close friends, which heavily affected the relationships, but Ace is grateful for making those choices. Listen to those stories on The Falling Season and check out this detailed interview with Masta Ace and KIC Beats on the recording process.

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MC Serch, Kev Brown, Masta Ace, & DJ Eclipse talk sitting on beats | Interview   no comments

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We had a serious conversation at Hip Hop Nation about producers and the beats that they pass out. MC Serch was wondering how Kev Brown and Masta Ace feel about producers in 2016 and if they’re still highly inspired by other’s music. Serch asked the daunting question of how long should a producer wait for an artist to use their beat before it’s time to withdraw the beat and make sure it gets released in a timely manner. Masta Ace shares a story on how he obtained a beat from DJ Premier after it was already given to another artist. DJ Eclipse also shared a story of Non Phixion waiting six years for an artist to use a beat before claiming it for themselves. The consensus in the room was that six years is more than enough of a grace period before stepping in. Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section.

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Masta Ace remembers recording “The Symphony” with The Juice Crew | Interview   no comments

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MC Serch and Masta Ace were guests recently on Rap Is Outta Control with DJ Eclipse. Serch couldn’t help ask Ace about his favorite Hip Hop posse record “The Symphony” and how the recording process went down. Ace goes into detail about how MC Shan was originally supposed to be on the song, but didn’t show up to the studio that day. Craig G needed a ride to the session and Masta Ace offered to drive as he was interested in hearing the outcome of the song. When each emcee has their verses ready and it was time to record, there was hesitation in the room of which emcee would record first. Marley Marl asked Ace to break the ice by recording a test verse. Masta Ace recorded a verse that he had written and memorized prior, and everyone liked it enough to keep him on the song and as a member of The Juice Crew. 28 years later, Masta Ace is still recording music with consistent quality. Check out his latest album The Falling Season with KIC Beats.

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Kev Brown, Masta Ace, & MC Serch | Freestyle   no comments

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This week’s episode of RIOC was full of Hip Hop legends with the likes of Masta Ace, MC Serch, and DJ Eclipse. Joined by the incredibly talented producer Kev Brown who played live beats throughout the show, the two emcees rocked over a Kev beat to end the show. Check out Masta Ace’s newest album, The Falling Season, produced entirely by KIC Beats.

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IDE & Jise One “Breathe Easy” | Interview   no comments

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Brooklyn native IDE, owner of Creative Juices Music, releases his latest album Breathe Easy after a several year hiatus. The project dropped on May 20, 2016 and is produced by Brooklyn producer Lucky Loopiano. The album is available on digital and CD formats, along with a 20-page lyric book. In addition to Breathe Easy, Creative Juices Music is preparing to release projects from Jise One, Alucard, UG (Cella Dwellas), Nems, and Swave Sevah.

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MC WhiteOwl talks working with Jakk Wonders & FatCatHayze| Interview   no comments

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MC WhiteOwl has been promoting his latest album Beatz, Rhymez, Drugz online and in the streets of New York City. He visited RIOC to talk with DJ Eclipse about the project, fully produced by FatCatHayze from uptown. WhiteOwl also has an EP with South African producer Jakk Wonders that he’s preparing to release very soon. In addition, WhiteOwl is a member of Certain Ones, a collective of 12 emcees that collaborate from around the globe.

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MC WhiteOwl, IDE, & Jise One (The Arsonists) | Freestyle   no comments

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New York City represented heavy with guests like MC WhiteOwl, IDE from Creative Juices Music, and Jise One of the legendary Arsonists crew. With half a century of combined music experience, the three artists are continuing their individual creatives processes and releasing new music. MC WhiteOwl just released Beatz, Rhymez, Drugz and IDE just released Breathe Easy. Check out the closing freestyle as DJ Eclipse spins!

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Lucky Tatt & Illa Ghee | Freestyle   no comments

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Brooklyn emcees Lucky Tatt and Illa Ghee showed up to chat with DJ Eclipse about their latest music endeavors. Illa Ghee released Illamatic, a mixtape in preparation for his full-length album, Suede Cigarettes, later in 2016. Lucky Tatt, under the mentorship of Fame (M.O.P.), released his mixtape Between Poverty Lane & Front Street as a free download. Check out this freestyle at the end of the show!

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Cymarshall Law “Hip Hop In The Soul 3” Interview   no comments

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Cymarshall Law traveled to NYC all the way from New Jersey to talk with DJ Eclipse about his latest album, Hip Hop In The Soul 3. Entirely produced by Mr. JoeKer from Hungary, Cymarshall explains how they first met in 2006 when the late PH (Pumpkinhead) introduced them. In 2006, Cymarshall flew to Hungary to meet Mr. JoeKer and the two have worked together ever since. A mixtape, The Main Character, was released in preparation to Hip Hop In The Soul 3 as a collection of dope songs that did not fit the album concept. Hip Hop In The Soul 3 includes features from Planet Asia, Homeboy Sandman, Eternia, Nyari Simmons, Black Belt Poemz, Queen Herawin, Black Ice, Gyovanni, and Jordan Sokel. Purchase Hip Hop In The Soul 3 at

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Cymarshall Law | Freestyle   no comments

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New Jersey emcee Cymarshall Law was up at RIOC recently promoting his mixtape, The Main Character, in preparation for his next full-length album,
Hip Hop In The Soul 3. Along with host DJ Eclipse, Law was discussing many of his life events that held him back from making music for so long. Now that he’s found time in his life to create again, Law has been very proud of this project. Check out this dope freestyle that ended the show on a high note.

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