Homeboy Sandman talks Hallways album and making timeless music   no comments

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Homeboy Sandman stops by Rap Is Outta Control to discuss his latest album, Hallways. With 12 tracks and 11 featured producers, Sandman gets more versatile from one song to the next, just like all his prior albums. In this video, he comments on making “hot joints” and how DJs should play good songs regardless of how many years ago it was released. Sandman is also the first living artist that DJ Eclipse has spun a medley of songs during a set. Check out Sandman’s @RapIsOuttaCntrl freestyle here and purchase the new album Hallways here.

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Homeboy Sandman freestyle on @RapIsOuttaCntrl   no comments

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Queens emcee Homeboy Sandman is one of the most creative and unique artists in the hip hop world right now. Every song, let alone album, is very unique from the next. His new album, Hallways, includes production from J57, DJ Spinna, Oh No, Jonwayne, 2 Hungry Bros, and many others. With an instrumental from L’Orange, check out this freestyle that Sandman performed at the @RapIsOuttaControl studios.

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DJ Premier announces he will produce an album for Loaded Lux   no comments

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DJ Premier is a big fan of Loaded Lux. He compares Lux and Murda Mook as the Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather of rap. After over a decade of being the top battle rapper and a near-flawless execution against Calicoe in the ring, Loaded Lux became a new artist to the mainstream world. That battle is what prompted DJ Premier to include Lux in his Bars In The Booth video series. In this video, DJ Premier breaks down the qualifications that he looks for when recording emcees in his series. He liked the collaboration so much that he committed to producing an entire album for Lux. Check out Lux’s freestyle on Rap Is Outta Control here.

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Loaded Lux names his top 2 toughest rap battle opponents   no comments

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Battle rap veteran Loaded Lux has become a household name in the hip hop community. With mainstream artists such as Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, and Method Man shouting him out, Lux has achieved success in a unique way that no one else has done. Here on Rap Is Outta Control with DJ Eclipse, Lux answers the question of who his top 2 toughest opponents in the ring have been over the years. Check out what he has to say, and be sure to purchase his album Beloved 2, available on October 21, 2014.

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Legends of Hip Hop with DJ Eclipse (October 25, 2014)   no comments

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Some of hip hop’s finest DJs are coming to Columbia, SC this October 25th. The Colonial Life Arena will be hosting a night of hip hop legends performing, including Rakim, EPMD, Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, MC Lyte, Dana Dane, and many more. Don’t miss the after party at U Bar, starting at 8pm, with the best hip hop music from legendary DJs such as Kool DJ Red Alert, DJ Scratch (EPMD), DJ K-Rock, DJ Prince Ice, and South Carolina’s very own DJ Eclipse.

Loaded Lux on the making of his album Beloved 2   no comments

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Loaded Lux breaks down his newest album, Beloved 2. Fans will hear the story of how and why he got involved in the battle rap community, as well as everything he’s done to get into the position he’s in and where he’s headed in life. Beloved 2 will be available on October 21, 2014.

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DJ Premier explains how the PRhyme album with Royce Da 5’9″ happened   no comments

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DJ Premier breaks down how the collaboration with Royce Da 5’9″ came about for the album PRhyme. Initially, Premier was asked to produce a five-song Slaughterhouse EP until scheduling conflicts made the recording process unfeasible. Royce suggested to Premo that the two of them should move forward with the EP, which later turned into a nine-song album. This is the first time that Premier has produced an album by sampling only one artist, which is the ever-talented Adrian Younge. PRhyme will be available on December 9, 2014 and will feature Mac Miller, Ab-Soul, ScHoolboy Q, Dwele, Common, Jay Electronica, Slaughterhouse, and Killer Mike.

Loaded Lux freestyle on @RapIsOuttaCntrl   no comments

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Harlem’s most versatile emcee and rap battle legend Loaded Lux came to the Rap Is Outta Control studios to promote his new album, Beloved 2. We had a surprise visit from DJ Premier who spoke highly of Lux and expressed interested in collaborating further. Beloved 2 will be available on October 21, 2014. In the meantime, check out this freestyle video over one of Premier’s beats!

Diabolic shares his thoughts on the written format of rap battles   no comments

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Diabolic was a notorious opponent in the NYC battle rap community in the 90s and early 2000s. He comes from the era of freestyling off the top of your head to instrumentals. With the emerging popularity of the a cappella, written format of battling, Diabolic heavily criticizes much of the talent, although the new format has grown on him over the years. Check out what he has to say about then and now, and purchase his latest album, Fightin’ Words.

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Diabolic describes making his sophomore album, Fightin’ Words   no comments

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Diabolic, from the NYC underground hip hop circuit fame, has released his sophomore album, Fightin’ Words, to follow up his debut four years ago. While at Rap Is Outta Control studios, Diabolic talks about how much fun he had making this record with a more relaxed and versatile mind state. The album is released on the label War Horse Records that he co-founded with Coast. Production includes DJ Premier, BP, Engineer, 5th Seal, Level 13, Snowgoons, C-Lance, and Junior Makhno. Guest features on the project are Block McCloud, Coast, Vinnie Paz, Sean Price, Celph Titled, Swave Sevah, R.A. The Rugged Man, Taboo, Locksmith, Nino Bless, Apathy, and Coal. Purchase Fightin’ Words here.